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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ordermygear (OMG)?

OrderMyGear (OMG) is different from other online store platforms because it's tailor-made to meet the specific needs of dealers, distributors, and decorators. Building online stores for Teams, companies, and fundraisers has never been easier! Eliminates the need for paper forms or complex processes to take group orders

Who is ordermygear’s new COO?

OrderMyGear (OMG) Announces Dustin Downing as Chief Product Officer OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading online store platform for the Promotional Products and Team Dealer industries, recently announced Dustin Downing as Chief Product Officer.

Is InkSoft better than ordermygear?

If you are currently using OrderMyGear for online stores and want better results without the expensive transaction fees of nearly 7%, then InkSoft is right for you. InkSoft is the industry's leading e-commerce enabled sales platform built to sell branded and personalized products.

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