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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of own?

Definition of own (Entry 3 of 3) : one or ones belonging to oneself —used after a possessive and without a following noun gave out books so that each of us had our owna room of your own. on one's own. 1 : for or by oneself : independently of assistance or control made the decision on his own.

What is watch own?

With Watch OWN You Can: • Stream OWN and more networks LIVE anytime, anywhere on all your favorite devices • Find shows to watch with the live schedule guide • Access thousands of episodes on demand - from current hits to classic favorites • See new episodes of shows on the app the same day and time they premiere on TV

What is the difference between admit and own?

acknowledge implies the disclosing of something that has been or might be concealed. admit implies reluctance to disclose, grant, or concede and refers usually to facts rather than their implications. own implies acknowledging something in close relation to oneself.

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