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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chronic pain support group?

Chronic pain support groups may meet in person, online, or over the telephone with the goal of providing emotional support, friendship, and possibly education about pain conditions, treatment, and management strategies. What do chronic pain support groups cost? Many support groups are available for free, but some may charge a fee.

Can group psychotherapy help chronic pain patients?

Group Psychotherapy for Chronic Pain Patients. Psychotherapy of chronic pain patients in a group setting, often an adjunct to individual sessions, appears to be another key modality for successful treatment. By Sarah M. Whitman, MD. Several years ago, I had quite limited time available for direct clinical work with patients with chronic pain.

Who is the pain management group?

The Pain Management Group is a team of experienced physicians and caring support staff offering medical and interventional procedures for our patients in Northwest Florida.

What are the different types of pain management techniques?

Most pain management techniques aim to reduce chronic pain or improve a person’s coping strategies. Some pain management approaches, such as acupuncture, physical therapy, and yoga, are best performed with a professional therapist to ensure that a person can safely practice them.

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