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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Panasonic arc 5 shaver still up to date?

Note:Panasonic recently updated there Arc 5 to a new model. As a result this is no longer the most up to date Arc 5 model. You can read our review of the new Arc 5 here. If you wanted to know everything about the Panasonic Arc5 Shaver then you have come to the right place. This is without a doubt the most detailed review on the internet.

How many blades does the Panasonic arc 5 have?

Shaving Elements (blades) – The Panasonic Arc 5 boasts five cutters. Four foils and one stray or flat hair cutter. Between the foils there are also gold colored metal skin guards which is an improvement from the last models that was plastic.

What is the difference between Panasonic es-lv67 and arc 5?

The Panasonic ES-LV67 launched in 2019. This was mostly a visual update as the shavers featured a new design; however, the foil and blades remained unchanged and so did the cleaning stations. Here’s a detailed review of these two models. 3. The third generation Arc 5 (launched in September 2015).

What is an arc 5 Shaver?

The Arc 5 represents Panasonic’s high-end line of electric shavers. The Arc term designates the slightly arched profile of the shaving head, while the 5 stands for the number of individual cutting elements. We’re going to group the Arc 5 shavers into 3 categories: 1. The first generation Arc 5 shavers (released in 2009).

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