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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bdt167?

Feel it all. The BDT167 is smart network conntected 3D Blu-ray player that reproduces a wide variety of content, such as net-distributed videos from YouTube and NETFLIX and also photos from an external HDD. Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred.

What is the power consumption of the bdt280 and bdt167?

[BDT280] [BDT167][BDT180] Approx. 13W [BDT167] [BD84] Approx. 11W Power consumption in standby mode* Approx. 0.5W (Quick Start: Off) [For_the_United_Kingdom_ and_Ireland] Power consumption in quick start standby mode

What can I do with my 2016 Panasonic Blu-ray players?

With Panasonic`s 2016 Blu-ray Players you can enjoy various contents, including movies, news, games, music and more. * Apps and accessories vary depending on the country. Some of the services are not available in the BDT167, BD94 and BD84. (Internet Apps (Simple)) * This image shows the DMP-BDT280.

What are the dimensions of the bdt280 and bdt180?

[BDT280] [BDT180] Approx. 5.5W [BD84] Approx. 3.5W Dimensions (WkHkD) [BDT280] [BDT180] 312mmk43mmk180mm [BDT167] [BD84] 245mmk38.5mmk175mm Mass [BDT280] [BDT180] Approx. 1.0kg [BDT167] [BD84] Approx. 0.8kg File format

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