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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a Panasonic phone?

To set the time and date on your Panasonic phone, press the "Menu/Set" button while the phone is in Standby mode. Select Phone Setup > Menu/Set. Choose Date and Time > Menu/Set. Enter the appropriate year, using the two-digit format.

What are common Panasonic phone problems?

Common problems with Panasonic phones are related to the base unit, such as not getting the dial tone or having the handset indicate that it’s out of range despite being right next to the unit. Other problems include static, fuzzy noises and battery issues.

What is the customer service number for Panasonic?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Panasonic Cordless is: +1-201-348-7000. Panasonic Cordless Telephone is a type of telecommunication device which uses a radio link for making connections. It is manufactured and distributed by a global electronic products company, Panasonic Corporation.

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