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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the name of the Panasonic Smart TV?

Panasonic is not the first company to produce "smart" TVs. A year after the market began to appear Smart TV, Panasonic developers have only begun to equip its TVs feature Smart TV. Unlike other manufacturers, their representatives Panasonic TV s called Smart Viera. Previously, they were called VIERA Cast.

Is the Panasonic 49fx630d a good TV?

Panasonic 49FX630D Television. The name Panasonic is enough as it is a well established Japanese electronics brand. The silver colour bezels imparts a truly premium look and feel to the unit. I am not that happy with the native picture settings and did some tweaking of my own to achieve a good quality picture.

Can you download movies to a Panasonic Smart TV?

Having developed a new Flixster app, films and programs are now stored in the cloud, can be downloaded in HD TVs and Blu-ray players. Users of devices with support for Panasonic VIERA Connect were able to use the application, created specifically for shopping HSN Shop by Remote.

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