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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Panasonic GH5 II the right camera for You?

Boasting updated video capabilities and a refined design, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 II provides a professional-quality imaging platform for shooters who demand versatile video and stills capabilities in a single compact camera.

What is the difference between the GH5 and GH5 Mark II?

The GH5 Mark II will feature head and body detection, as well as support for tracking animals, in addition to the eye and face detection found on the previous camera. The tracking will also be twice as fast, with the system looking for objects 60 times a second, while the GH5 tracks at 30 times a second.

What does the Panasonic GH6 have to offer?

The GH6 will feature a new image engine along with the sensor and will have the capability to record 10-bit 4K at 120fps and 10-bit 5.7K at 60fps. The camera also promises DCI 4K60 at 4:2:2 without a recording time limit.

Is the GH5 too sharp in 4K?

Sharpness measures in 4K are not what defines the camera as most time the footage looks far too sharp. There was no issue with the GH5 there is no issue with the Mark II either but there was no need for improvement either I re-shot the test shots last week with a different lens and the results are essentially identical.

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