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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like most about Panasonic homehawk?

Panasonic HomeHawk makes it quick and easy to create a powerful, wireless network of Home monitoring camera system in and outside the home. And monitor all from your smartphone and tablet with one simple app. I actually have no problems with anything related to the app EXCEPT the fact that there is not way to mute notifications.

What is the Panasonic homehawk window camera?

Details The Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW camera is a unique home monitoring video camera that allows you to monitor the outside of your home from the comfort of inside.

How does the homehawk window work?

The discreet HomeHawk WINDOW camera suctions to the inside of your window, providing 24/7 monitoring in 1080p HD while staying safe against the elements. Enhanced color night vision lets you see even better than you can with the naked eye, in 1080p Full HD. Camera records clearly, day or night.

Can homehawk cameras be mounted indoors?

MONITOR THE OUTSIDE, FROM THE COMFORT OF INSIDE: Innovative, discreet, compact outdoor camera is mounted indoors. A powerful suction cup adheres camera to virtually any interior window, no drilling or complicated installation CAMERA STAYS SAFE AND CHARGED: Indoor mount protects HomeHawk from the elements and keeps it safe from theft.

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