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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Panasonic inverter microwave work?

This 950W Panasonic inverter microwave has auto cook and reheat buttons that automatically determine correct cooking levels and times for common food items.

How do I mute my microwave?

To mute your microwave, start by checking the control panel. Look closely. The mute function may be labeled as a secondary function of one of the standard buttons. Check these things first: Look for a Sound button. Seriously. It may have been there all along, begging you to press it.

What is a Panasonic cyclonic inverter microwave oven?

This Panasonic cyclonic inverter microwave oven ensures meals are cooked to perfection by automatically adjusting settings to best match your food. " Outstanding microwave performance...We have an 11 year old Panasonic version of the family size microwave with inverter power control and 9 sensor cooking food categories. ...

How many Watts Does a Panasonic microwave have?

Enjoy hot meals and snacks with this 1.2-cu. ft. Panasonic 1200W microwave. The 11 power levels provide optimal heating for various dishes and include a keep warm function, maintaining cooked food at an ideal serving temperature.

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