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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera is the Panasonic GF6?

Panasonic GF6 Overview First introduced in April 2013, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 is a 16.0MP Entry-Level Mirrorless camera with a Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm) sized CMOS sensor, Tilting touch screen and Micro Four Thirds lens mount. Panasonic replaced the older Panasonic GF5 with this model and later GF6 was replaced with Panasonic GF7.

What makes the Lumix DMC-GF6 so special?

The LUMIX DMC-GF6 comes with a 180-degree-tiltable LCD and enables unlimited artistic expression with a variety of creative filters. Designed with a sophisticated profile in an ultra-compact body, the DMC-GF6 features high image quality achieved by a new Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine.

How does the Panasonic Lumix GF6 automatically compensate for camera shake?

When enabled, the Panasonic Lumix GF6 automatically compensates for camera shake, which is a slight blurring of the image that typically occurs at slow shutter speeds when the camera is hand held.

How does the Panasonic GF6 connect to Wi-Fi?

In common with a couple of recent Panasonic compacts, the GF6 gains Near-Field Communication (NFC), through which the camera can establish a conventional Wi-Fi connection simply by tapping devices together.

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