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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Panasonic Xe mini splits?

Panasonic XE model mini splits are integrated with an advanced indoor air quality system named nanoeX. This technology is a revolutionary air purification system that helps keep living spaces fresh, and clean. The technology is so powerful it inhibits pollutants to negligible levels:

Why install Panasonic mini-split?

Installing Panasonic means you’re partnering with a trusted brand renowned for well-designed solutions, innovative technologies and unparalleled service and support. Panasonic mini-split solutions offer flexible heating and air conditioning options for residential and light commercial uses.

What is a mini hi-fi system?

Mini hi-fi systems are great for use in kitchens studies and bedrooms. They take up hardly any space and the new models can play music from almost any source. The latest mini hi-fi product to appear on the market is the Panasonic SC-PMX802 which launches today.

What makes a Panasonic Technics Hi-Fi system so special?

Incorporating technology from Panasonic’s specialist hi-fi arm Technics, the company claims it can deliver outstanding sonic performance. Inside the classically styled metal case are a collection of traditional features that most people expect to see, such as a CD player and DAB radio.

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