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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Sony or a Panasonic TV better?

Panasonic is known for making really good TV:s with perhaps the best picture quality that can be had, if you aim to spend big bucks. Sony makes good TV:s perhaps not Panasonic great but is in some instances better value. The best part is the android tv os which means that you'll probably get apps that work for the TV.

Where to buy Panasonic televisions?

Panasonic sets are still on sale at a few retailers, including Walmart, but most models are listed as unavailable on the Panasonic website. However, if you do find one, you should have no qualms about buying it.

Does Panasonic make TVs anymore?

While Panasonic no longer offers TVs for U.S. customers, it still has a solid presence in several key product categories. Those markets include Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players, headphones, and compact audio systems. The company has also resurrected its high-end Technics audio brand.

Do Panasonic TVs have Bluetooth?

Samsung and LG include Bluetooth with many of their TVs, but the systems are proprietary, and only work within their own device families. However, Panasonic’s Bluetooth transmission is free to transmit to the entire Bluetooth ecosystem, and those Bluetooth devices with aptX capability will sound just that much better.

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