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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best solar panel Panasonic or LG?

Both Panasonic and LG Solar are great solar panels for any system. For premium modules, both have a great price point. Choosing the solar panel is also very important. Choosing the best inverter and racking system is important in getting the most of your solar investment too. Panasonic has a rate of 90% year 25 performance guarantee.

What's the difference between Panasonic and LG TVs?

A panel alone does not make the TV. Sure, Panasonic has taken the basic OLED technology from LG, but there is a lot more that goes into making a quality TV with as glorious a picture as the CZ950 series.

Which is better Panasonic hit or LG hit?

Panasonic HIT 330w module efficiency: 19.7% LG’s Neon 2 panel annual degradation is 0.55%/yr. The cell guarantees 1.2%p more output than the previous LG Neon 2 modules. Panasonic’s HIT “N-type” cells result in ‘Low Light Induced Degradation’ (LID) and zero ‘Potential Induced Degradation’ (PID) which supports reliability and longevity.

What's the difference between Panasonic and LD solar?

If we compare both products, we see that Panasonic’s model has a 20.3% module efficiency; compared to LD Model which has a 20.4% module efficiency. Both panels have a low annual degradation, which will result in additional value to the solar panel.

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