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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do history teachers make at Preply?

On average, our US-based History teachers make $17.38 hourly. This puts Preply’s History tutor jobs in the range of our online Spanish teacher jobs, as well as the Russian teacher jobs, and Dutch teacher jobs, which have average hourly earnings of $17.08, $17.55 and $18 respectively.

How many hours do online history teachers work?

Demand for History tutors certainly suggests that motivated tutors would be able to work a full schedule with Preply as globally we do see History teachers who work upwards of 40 hours weekly with us. How much do online History teachers make? On average, our US-based History teachers make $17.38 hourly.

What is an online teaching job called?

Also known as remote teachers, distance teachers or virtual teachers, online teachers and online instructors are trained to teach students online. Online teaching jobs from home can range from blended courses that offer a combination of in-person and online instruction, to fully online learning.

How do I find online history teaching jobs with Preply?

Finding online History teaching jobs with Preply couldn’t be easier. To get started as a History tutor with Preply, you’ll just need to have the right online teaching setup. As soon as you have a computer with Skype or Zoom installed, strong internet connection, as well as a headset with microphone and a webcam, you’re set to get started!

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