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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Federal Partners Credit Union?

In many ways, becoming a Member of Partners is like joining a family. One that's been there for every change, and keeps your dollars safe. Who's earned your trust, and knows what your trust could earn. Who gives you well-deserved credit, and helps you build it. We're the credit union with a big heart and a bigger story to tell.

What services does Partners Federal Credit Union offer?

Partners 1st is proud to be big enough to offer the services you need, while small enough offer the flexibility and individualized care you deserve. Credit union members can save on a variety of products and services like TurboTax, SimpliSafe, Sam's Club, ID Theft Protection, Home & Auto Insurance, Travel & Entertainment, and much more!

How is Partners Federal Credit Union different from a bank?

As a credit union, Partners 1st is actually owned by its members, so the best interest of our members is always top-of-mind. This allows us to keep our rates and fees lower than banks, and focus more on our members than on shareholder profit.

What is the phone number for Partners Federal Credit Union?

Call us at 800.900.2729 to ensure that your card will work while you're out of town! Why American Partners? Since 1975, our most important responsibility has been our members. We are more than just a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union whose foundation was built on the principle of people helping people.

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