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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of pass?

Definition of pass. 1 : move, proceed, go The boat was too tall to pass under the bridge. b : die —often used with on Her parents have passed on. 12a(1) : to decline to bid, double, or redouble in a card game Her bridge partner passed. : to gain approval or acceptance His cooking could pass muster in an expensive French restaurant.

What is the difference between passing the ball and passing money?

In sports, if you pass the ball, you kick, throw, or hit it to someone in your team. If you pass money, you give someone false or stolen money without telling them: [ + two objects ] I haven't trusted him since he passed me a forged $100 bill. She was arrested for passing stolen cheques. Time seems to pass (by) so slowly when you're bored.

What does it mean to pass an exam?

to be successful in a test, exam, or course, or to judge someone as having been successful in it: [ T ] The professor said that if I passed the final exam, she’ll pass me.

Why do you use pass?

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