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Frequently Asked Questions

Should soldiers be eligible for specific privileges during training?

Specific privileges will be associated with each phase as incentives, and soldiers should be eligible for those privileges as they progress in training. However, the decision to award privileges must be based on individual performance.

Can you take leave for personal reasons in the military?

You may also take leave for personal reasons and emergency situations. A "pass" (called "liberty" in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps) is time-off, not chargeable as leave. Leave is a RIGHT (not a privilege) that is granted by Congress under Federal Law.

Are temporary installation-pass holders authorized sign-in privileges?

Temporary installation-pass holders are not authorized sign-in privileges. DOD ID cardholders not registered in the IACS are not authorized sign-in privileges. Exceptions are for active duty DOD ID cardholders who are either on TDY or leave.

What are the rules of Post Exchange in the Army?

IET soldiers in this phase will be escorted to post exchange (PX) by the DS for necessities or as a reward for achievement. Soldiers are prohibited from driving privately owned vehicles (POV) and from wearing civilian clothes. They are also prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages and using tobacco products.

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