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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical symptoms of CKD?

an increased need to pee – particularly at night. difficulty sleeping (insomnia) itchy skin. muscle cramps. feeling sick. headaches. erectile dysfunction in men. This stage of CKD is known as kidney failure, end-stage renal disease or established renal failure. It may eventually require treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Should patients with CKD have coffee?

“There are things for CKD patients to be aware about when it comes to coffee — and with most things, more is not better — the bottom line is moderation,” they said. Patients on a fluid-restricted diet cannot overlook the amount of coffee they consume because it’s a fluid. Make sure coffee fits in your daily fluid requirement, they said.

Is fasting good for CKD?

When I checked with my renal dietician and other practitioners who are involved with kidney disease, they do not recommend fasting for late stage CKD. Too much stress on the kidney and can create other imbalances such as PH. in reply to Bassetmommer 3 years ago I find it so frustrating that my nephrologist has never even discussed diet!

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