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What is the pathophysiology of acute kidney injury (AKI) in sepsis?

Sepsis often leads to widespread injury causing multiple organ dysfunction and the development of AKI in sepsis often portends poor prognosis. The pathophysiology of sepsis induced AKI is complex and multifactorial. Initially it was thought that hypotension causing hypoperfusion of kidneys as the major cause of AKI in sepsis.

How does sepsis affect the kidneys?

There are two ways the kidneys could be affected by sepsis. The first is if the infection that caused the sepsis begins in the kidney, through a kidney infection or a bladder infection that has spread to the kidney. The second is if the cascade of events from sepsis causes the kidney damage. In sepsis and septic shock, your blood pressure drops ...

Is sepsis-induced acute kidney injury due to acute tubular necrosis?

Conclusion The previous notion that sepsis-induced AKI is due to acute tubular necrosis is not correct. The pathogenesis of AKI in sepsis in complex and involves multiple mechanisms.

Is there an association between oliguria and Aki in sepsis?

However, in sepsis, oliguria appears to carry increased significance, and even by 3 to 5 hours, an association between oliguria and AKI may be detectable.8,9Serum creatinine is also limited by the absence of baseline value in many patients, and a consensus is lacking as to the best way to handle this missing information.10,11

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