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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the word Patience a noun or verb?

Patience is the noun form of the adjective patient. One can be an adjective and have a noun. In all uses, either form is correct as long as the corresponding verb agrees. The verbs be and have can be conjugated through all tenses. However, it should be noted that be patient is used ten times more often than have patience.

Is Patience born or learned?

The good news is that patience can be learned. Melbourne-based clinical psychologist Dr Lillian Nejad says while we are not born with patience (this is clear when you see a baby screaming for food when hungry), it is a skill that can be learned over time, to enable us to adapt to our environment.

Is patience a good characteristics?

Patience is a person's ability to endure difficult circumstances without frustration, anger or other negative emotions. This characteristic is particularly useful when employees deal with angry or disgruntled customers.

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