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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use patient and patience?

• Be patient and have patience are phrases that are both correct and to be used in all situations. • Patient also means a person who is sick and one who requires treatment from a doctor. The plural of patient is patients, and it is the pronunciation of patients with a silent t that creates the confusion.

What is patient vs patience?

In short, patients are (unwell) people, whereas patience is a quality that people can possess . While patience and patients have clearly different meanings, the words are etymologically linked, drawing on the Latin and Old French words (pacience and patientia, pacient and pacientum) for suffering and enduring (without complaint).

Should you “be patient” or “have patience”?

The most prominent pillar of success is patience. Life is so quick, but sometimes things take time to happen so, you need to be patient. Whenever in life, you are in struggle, or things go opposite, you should gain some time and have patience. You will see things turn to you in unexpected ways.

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