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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Auction Kings help Paul Brown get his start?

Photo of Paul Brown courtesy of Gallery 63. But Paul Brown also knows that those same differences may have set him apart in Discovery’s 2009 search for an auction house to build a reality show around. It also allowed Auction Kings to connect with audiences outside of the traditional auction market.

Who is Paul Brown from Gallery 63?

The program featured the Atlanta-based auction firm Gallery 63, which included star Paul Brown, as they found, assessed, and sold goods in every category. A production team working for Discovery sent Paul Brown a flip camera in 2009 so he could document a typical day at Gallery 63.

Is Paul from Auction Kings on track for monthly sales in 2021?

Paul from Auction Kings held a whopping 11 premier sales in 2020 and is on track for monthly sales in 2021. Gallery 63 enjoys a well-deserved global reputation for tempting buyers with elite brands, luxury items, and fine and legacy decorative arts.

What is Paul Brown auctions?

Paul Brown: We are located in Atlanta, GA, and hold monthly auctions. These days, we specialize in unique collectibles, high-end decorative arts, fine art, jewelry, and couture items. But it changes monthly. Sometimes we have coins, important documents, and all manner of history’s mysteries.

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