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Frequently Asked Questions

What is payflex?

At PayFlex, we make it simple to plan, save and pay for personal well-being. First time user? Please enter the username and e-mail address associated with this account.

How do I use my payflex card to pay for medical expenses?

Add your PayFlex Card to your digital wallet, Apple Pay ® or Samsung Pay®. Using a digital wallet to pay for eligible health care expenses is generally faster and more secure than swiping a card. Get reimbursed faster by uploading your claims online!

How do I set up my payflex account?

If you're an employer or consultant, contact your PayFlex Account Manager to create your profile. Review the information below. If you're an employer or consultant, contact your Payflex Account Manager to create your profile. Then you'll be ready to set up your online account.

How do I resolve issues with payflex?

To resolve, call us at 1-855-542-6183 (TTY:711). You’ve entered an incorrect username or password. Please try again. New to PayFlex? Create an online profile to manage your PayFlex account. Trouble logging in? If you’re covered by an HSA-compatible health plan, you may be eligible to open a PayFlex Individual HSA.

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