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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log on to PayPal?

Quick Answer. To access the PayPal account login screen, navigate to the official PayPal website and click on Log In to log in with existing PayPal sign-on credentials. Alternatively, create a PayPal account by clicking on Sign Up from the home page of the site, according to PayPal. Creating a PayPal account is free.

How do I connect with PayPal?

Connect with PayPal. Once you have your PayPal username, password, and signature, access your NationBuilder control panel. Go to Settings > Payment processors > New processor and select PayPal Express from the "Select provider" dropdown under "Third-party processor.".

Can I get PayPal without a bank account?

Unless something has changed, you can get a PayPal account without putting a bank account or a credit card. However, you will have a pretty low limit on your account if you do that plus that is how PayPal verifies your account. Some programs will not pay out to a non-verified account.

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