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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PCC stand for?

PCC: Party Central Committee (political party; various locations) PCC: Patient Care Coordination ...

What does PCC stand for in school?

Portland Cement Concrete: PCC: Portland Community College: PCC: Portsmouth City Council : PCC: Positive Control Check : PCC: Post Carbon Cities : PCC: Post Communications Center : PCC: Post-Conflict Country : PCC: Postal Customer Council: PCC: Poste de Commandement Centralise: PCC: Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference: PCC: Power Cheer Calgary : PCC: Power Computing Co. PCC

What services does the PCC not offer?

Portland Community College does not provide health services on its campuses. Emergency medical treatment while on campus is available by calling 971-722-4444. PCC does not provide health or accident insurance for students. Portland Community College does not provide housing for students attending the college.

What is the meaning of PCC in construction term?

What Is PCC In Construction? The term PCC is commonly used in civil engineering and construction which refers to Plain Cement Concrete. PCC is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate or coarse aggregate, and water without steel reinforcement.

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