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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCL Nursing?

Let us talk about Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) nursing, a course of study which is available for the SLC students or 10 th grade pass outs.The full form of PCL nursing is Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing.

What is the difference between PCL and BSc Nursing in Nepal?

This information contains the recognized nursing colleges to study nursing in Nepal and abroad. PCL nursing and Bsc nursing are different. PCL nursing is a course after SEE examination. Bsc nursing is a course after NEB examination. There are different PCL nursing requirement and BSC nursing program requirements.

Is PCL affiliated with Tribhuvan University?

PCL nursing colleges are affiliated with Tribhuvan University, BPKHIS and CTEVT. There is a Nepal Nursing Council Notice for Nepalese Studying Nursing Abroad.

Is nursing in Nepal the next big thing?

Nursing in Nepal has been one of the major choices of female science students of plus 2 and also SLC passed students. In recent years statistics show that nursing education is the next big thing and the heart-throb of female students.

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