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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2022 Honda PCX ABS?

Introducing the 2022 Honda PCX ABS… Honda’s PCX is the ultimate tool for tackling urban environments in style, continuing to set the standard for scooter design and technology.

What is the new Honda PCX 160?

New Pcx 160 Honda 2022 Appearing more luxurious than before, the Honda PCX uses a full LED front and rear lamp design. The body is also larger with four exclusive color choices: white, red, black and gold.

What is the fuel consumption of pcx160 ABS?

PCX160 ABS has fuel consumption of 45.1 kmpl. PCX160 ABS variant is powered by a 157 cc Gasoline Engine with PGM-FI system, It has a Single Cylinder, 4 Valves, 4-Stroke, SOHC Liquid Cooled Engine. PCX160 ABS is paired with a Variable Speed CVT transmission.

What makes the pcx160 so special?

Bringing elegance and superiority to the next level, PCX160 lets Filipino riders to stand out on the road and ride with pride with its all-new premium and elegant design, improved driving performance with comfortable and spacious riding, and the latest technology and security features.

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