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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Honda pcx160 ABS?

The PCX160 ABS is powered by a 156.9 cc engine, and has a Variable Speed gearbox. The Honda PCX160 ABS has a seating height of 764 mm and kerb weight of 132 kg. The PCX160 ABS comes with Disc front brakes and Disc rear brakes along with ABS. PCX160 ABS top competitors are Vario 160 ABS, Nmax Connected ABS, PCX eHEV Standard and Nmax Standard.

How much is Honda PCX 160 in the Philippines?

The Honda PCX 160 price in the Philippines starts at P140,700.00. View the price list and special promo offers available. Find the best price by requesting quotes from Honda dealers. Find out more info or request a brochure by sending an inquiry below. Hi, I would like to request more information about Honda PCX 160 , thank you.

How much does a PCX cost?

The PCX is available in Candy Luster Red at a sweet starting price of $3,699. 2.1 gal.

What are the best pcx160 CBS competitors?

Over 15 users have reviewed PCX160 CBS on basis of Features, Mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance. PCX160 CBS top competitors are Nmax ABS, ADV 150 Standard, Aerox 155 Standard and Click 160 Standard.

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