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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of personal?

intended for use by one person: a personal car. referring or directed to a particular person in a disparaging or offensive sense or manner, usually involving character, behavior, appearance, etc.: personal remarks. making personal remarks or attacks: to become personal in a dispute. done, carried out, held, etc., in person: a personal interview.

What is personal in a newspaper?

Definition of personal. 1 : a short newspaper paragraph relating to the activities of a person or a group or to personal matters. 2 : a short personal communication in a special column of the classified ads section of a newspaper or periodical.

Is your personal life bringing more personal life into the work setting?

Everyone I meet is bringing more of their personal life into the work setting. Increased streaming and online shopping and less in-person socializing have led to consumers’ growing need for a reliable and quick way to virtually communicate on both a personal and professional level. It’s like having a personal coach at your fingertips, literally.

What is personal belief?

pertaining to or characteristic of a person or self-conscious being: That is my personal belief. of the nature of an individual rational being. pertaining to the body, clothing, or appearance: personal cleanliness. provided for one's discretionary use: Employees are allowed 15 vacation days and two personal days. Grammar.

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