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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pesche Guatiche?

Pesche Guatiche (ペッシェ・ガティーシェ, Pesshe Gatīshe) is one of Nel Tu 's "brothers" and protectors. Pesche Guatiche is a humanoid Arrancar whose head is almost completely covered by his mask, which resembles an insect-like head with large mandibles and horns.

What is the name of Pesche's reiatsu in Bleach?

Pesche appears as a playable character in the video game Bleach: Brave Souls, where he is skilled in swordsmanship and has some hand-to-hand combat skill too. His Reiatsu is purple. The theme song that Kubo chose for Pesche is "MOTIONS" by the band Straightener.

Does Pesche have a purple eye patch?

However, his right eye is concealed by a purple eye patch, which is attached to his brow. Pesche has blond hair, some of which sticks out from under the back of his mask. The majority of his body is purple, but he wears a white, armor-like vest that covers the upper part of his torso, as well as white armor on his forearms and shins.

What are Pesche’s powers?

High Spiritual Power: Being an Arrancar and a former Fracción, Pesche has a high amount of spiritual power. Enhanced Speed: Pesche is able to move at a fast rate using what he calls Super Speed. Enhanced Strength: Despite his slender frame, Pesche possesses a large amount of strength. With one arm, he effortlessly held up a large chunk of stone.

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