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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with Minecraft physics?

High grass no longer let’s physics fall through the block beneath Fix for block shading (grass, vines and so on) Pausing the game now pauses the physics Fixed bug where some chunks didn’t load the physics Added separate sliders for mob and block physics timings Physics now react to water flow of magma and soul sand block

Is there a way to disable fake item physics?

Added fake item physics which can be disabled via the options menu if you don't like them! Physics Mod now has a Ragdoll API for mod creators that want to add ragdoll support. More infos can be found here:

What's new in Roblox mobile physics edition?

Improved mob physics interactions performance Improved performance for sleeping physics Fixed mob settings not saving properly Fixed a bug that ignored certain mob features Fixed a bug that messed up ragdolls (bug was introduced in version 2.5.0)

How do I change the physics settings in Minecraft?

You can find it in Minecraft under Options > Physics Options. Here is an explanation of some of the options in the config file: Enable/Disable block physics. Lifetime of physics particles in seconds.

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