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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pics and how to use it?

With Pics, you can view more details of your Photos taken by camera, organize them in different albums, protect them with passcode. And another, you can easily download your Photos and Videos in camera roll to your computer through WiFi connection. -View your photos in full resolution, no compressing, no quality losing. (*)

What is PicsArt?

We feature a stunning collection of free images to use for personal and professional purposes. Whether you’re posting content on your social media channels, a website, blog, or creating digital flyers or brochures for your brand, Picsart offers beautiful images that will take your content to the next level of creativity.

What are the features of PICS?

-Native iPad support, Pics is a universal App. You only need to pay once for your iPhone and iPad. -P2P Transfer. Transfer photos/videos to another iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with WiFi or Bluetooth connection. -AlbumSync with p2p transfer.

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