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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pikepass work in Texas?

Yes. Beginning August 10, 2014 the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) will be interoperable with the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA). After that date your PIKEPASS will work in North Texas and your NTTA Sticker TollTag will work in Oklahoma.

Does Pikepass work in Houston?

It will not work in Houston. Under this agreement, once it is implemented, it will work in all of Texas." Plans call for agreements with Georgia and Florida so PikePasses could be used on toll roads in those states, said David Machamer, assistant executive director of toll and PikePass.

Where does Pikepass work?

You can use your PIKEPASS transponder to travel on toll roads, bridges and tunnels in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex operated by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA).

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