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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pinay mean?

What does Pinay mean? A Pinay is a woman from the Philippines, especially one with Filipino heritage living abroad. Its male counterpart is Pinoy. Where does Pinay come from? Pinoy is recorded as early as the 1920s, referring especially to a Filipino immigrant.

What is Pinoy TV?

GMA Pinoy TV is the flagship channel of the leading network in the Philippines. The channel was incorporated by the GMA Network and it subsidiaries, GMA International and GMA Worldwide, in 2004 then launched primarily in Japan and the United States in 2005 as a 24-hour international Filipino television station.

What is Pondo ng Pinoy?

Primer On Pondo ng Pinoy. PONDO ng PINOY aims to bring about the total development of people—both the giver and the recipient—of assistance to be rendered by the Church to address widespread poverty caused by material, economic, cultural, political and social starvation.

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