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Frequently Asked Questions

What is diffrent between PT, NPT and FPT thread?

What is diffrent between PT, NPT and FPT thread? NPT, national pipe threads, and FPT, female pipe threads, are terms used regarding U.S. pipe standards for tapered threads. NPT are common threads used for general purposes, while FPT are a type of NPT. NPTs and FPTs are used to join pipes and fittings for all types of general purposes.

Is FPT the same as female NPT thread?

FPT stands for Female Pipe Taper, synonymous with Female National Pipe Taper or Female National Pipe Thread. You screw the tapered male end of the pipe into the female end. NPT, or National Pipe Taper, threads have a 60-degree thread angle. This type of thread, used primarily for pipes carrying low-pressure air or liquid, requires a pipe sealant.

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