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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pirate ship a good app?

Pirate ship is literally amazing. Great customer service and great pricing rates. Highly recommend this app to all newly businesses. I am so happy with Pirate Ship. The app is easy to use and the prices are great. They recently got better pricing with USPS and passed on the savings to us.

How do I pay for pirate ship?

Pay for the postage costs as you go with any credit or debit card, or PayPal. Print the carrier's labels with any kind of desktop or label printer. Automatically marks Shopify orders as "Fulfilled" & adds tracking numbers. External charges may be billed by Pirate Ship separately from your Shopify invoice.

Is pirate ship worth it?

Since there is no monthly subscription fee like their competitors, support is not as comprehensive but still, their fun energy makes up for it. I describe my experience with pirate ship to be excellent and I recommend it if you do not listen to my recommendation you are a fool - Would like to see support for multi-sheet excel workbooks.

Why is pirate ship losing my business?

It's too bad that Pirate Ship will be losing my business because of the lousy job the post office is doing. We have always lost money when it comes to shipping our products, not any more. The first time I did a refund and had a balance I was confused as to how that worked and where to check my balance.

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