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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plex Pass worth it?

Whether or not Plex Pass is worth it ultimately depends on how often you use it. If you use Plex regularly, but don’t like the limitations on the free subscription, the small monthly fee is probably worth the price. Plex Pass provides a lot of value for a very small fee. Many users get their money’s worth within the first month.

How much does a Plex Pass cost?

The basic Plex app is free on every platform, whereas the Plex Pass has three price tiers. You can pay $5/month, $40/year, or $120 for a lifetime subscription. As you'd expect, there are numerous Plex Pass benefits that are unavailable on the free version of the app. The most useful additions are arguably the Plex live TV and DVR offerings.

Should I get Plex Pass?

Using Plex is totally free. All you have to do is create an account, so be sure to do so now if you want to test out the service and see what it can do for you. But should you fancy access to more advanced functionality, you'll need a Plex Pass.

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