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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear makeup with plexaderm?

If you choose to use makeup on top of Plexaderm, any type of dry or powder-based product will work best to maintain maximum results. We suggest waiting a minimum of 20 minutes for the Plexaderm to dry before putting applying makeup.

Can you wear makeup over plexaderm?

The company recommends using powdered, not liquid , makeup over areas where Plexaderm has been applied. You should wait 20 minutes before applying makeup over it. The company recommends against using liquid makeup as it can break the tightening bond.

Where can I buy plexaderm?

You can buy Plexaderm at the manufacturer’s official website. This is the only source where you are certain of procuring a genuine product. The company also has a refund policy and a 30-day guarantee for refunds. Alternatively, you may source at Amazon, Walgreens or Walmart but with no refund guarantee.

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