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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about plexamp?

Plexamp is a beautiful, dedicated Plex music player with tons of goodies for audiophile purists, music curators, and music fans of all ages looking for their next aural fix. Loudness leveling, true gapless playback, Sweet Fades™, soft transitions, a configurable preamp, a 7-band EQ, and more.

Which is open source music player does plexamp use?

The app is built on the Electron platform and using an open source audio player called Music Player Daemon for music playback. Users can enjoy gapless playback, a global activation hotkey (like Spotlight on a Mac), and soft transitions.

Where can I download plexamp for my computer?

To download Plexamp, navigate to and click on the appropriate button for your operating system. At the time of writing, Plexamp is only available on Windows and macOS, though Plex has promised a Linux version will be released very soon. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on the icon to install Plexamp on your system.

Is there an app to stream music from PLEX?

2) To stream any album losslessly from PLEX over the Internet to our smartphone we need to install Plexamp (Android, iOS) — an app that usefully preserves PLEX’s metadata layer. With PLEX and Plexamp permanently joined via an encrypted Internet connection, our hard drive’s contents are available to us anywhere, all of the time.

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