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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my plexus account?

To login to your Plexus Account: Hover over person icon and select sign in. Enter email address linked to account. Enter Password. (Use Reset Password link if necessary.) Click Sign In. If you have forgotten your password or username, follow the below steps (or click here to request help):

Why plexus for your business?

Plexus powers leading organisations with the technology and legal talent required to execute faster and focus on higher value work. Powerful alone. Magical together. Each Plexus solution increases productivity, improves compliance, reduces risk and accelerates execution. They can be adopted one at a time, or all together.

Are You Ready for plexus to get you live?

Once you’re ready, we’ll get you live in a matter of days. Plexus CEO Andrew Mellett is joined by Peter Connor (AlternativelyLegal) to discuss the four key challenges top GCs are focussing on, and to outline the capabilities required to effectively address the Legal needs of the modern enterprise. Choosing the right Legal Technology isn't easy.

What are people saying about plexus gateway?

"The way that Plexus Gateway allows the business to manage their own contracts through the lifecycle is so easy. The system has completely sold itself to the business." - Jemma Stevenson, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Powerco Meet more Plexus customers or learn about Plexus best-practice document automation via the Gartner Case Study.

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