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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my plexus account?

– Plexus Worldwide How do I log in to My Account? Hover over person icon and select Sign in. Enter email address linked to account. Enter Password. (Use Reset Password link if necessary.) Click Sign In. If you have forgotten your password or username, follow the below steps (or click here to request help):

Is there a Privacy Center for plexus in California?

Plexus® understands that data privacy laws and regulations are constantly changing. Given the recent passage of state laws, including those in California, Plexus has launched this Privacy Center to provide you with greater transparency into our data practices and your options with respect to your data.

What do you need to know about being a plexus ambassador?

With Plexus, you're in business for yourself-but never by yourself. We invest in our Ambassadors by providing a wide variety of yearly training events and programs. Power up your success from day one! As an Ambassador, you'll have all the tools you need in the palm of your hand.

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