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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICS myportal?

Welcome to the ICS MyPortal, the one-stop portal to all your data needs. MyPortal provides you with secure access to all supported systems and applications, such as real-time data, published reports, and user guides, to name a few. This enhanced portal is easy to use and will create efficiencies that will increase productivity for all users.

What is the Durham Integrated Care Partnership?

In County Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland, NHS organisations have come together, working with local authorities, to lead and plan care for their population in a coordinated way as the Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

What is our Integrated Community Services (ICS)?

Our ICS is a collaboration of NHS commissioners and providers, and our partners, and not a new organisation with statutory powers. The majority of our work is focused in places and neighbourhoods; but, alongside this, our ICS provides a mechanism to build consensus on those issues that need to be tackled at scale.

What is nenc County Durham CCG?

NHS County Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is one of the NHS partners in the NENC ICS which has agreed to work together at scale where it makes most sense to do so and to protect and emphasise the importance of ‘place’ – local accountability to local populations and the ability to respond to local needs.

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