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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Activate my PlusPortals account?

If you've never accessed your PlusPortals, log in to the PlusPortals website using the credentials your school provides. You will be instructed to change your temporary password to activate your account. To activate your student portal, follow these steps: In your browser address bar, type your PlusPortals URL.

How do students activate their Portal account?

The email will include a link to activate their Portal account which uses your email address as your User ID. Parents will be able to see data for each student with one login. Students will use their ND email as their user name. Freshman students will receive their access information at the Computer Workshops during Freshman Orientation.

How do I Find my PlusPortals url?

In your browser address bar, type your PlusPortals URL. Important: Your PlusPortals URL is located at For example, the URL for "Rediker Academy" would be

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