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Frequently Asked Questions

Is blessed Trinity accepting applications for grades K-8?

Thank you for your interest in Blessed Trinity Catholic School! We are currently accepting applications for admission for grades K-8. Click Here for the BTCN YouTube Channel See our morning announcements and weekly masses!

What is the parent plus web portal?

The Parent Plus web portal connects parents and students with schools and teachers. As a parent, you can quickly stay informed about what’s happening at the school and your children’s classes—from knowing if the school is closed on a given day to seeing how well your child did on his or her last homework or exam.

Why Blessed Trinity Catholic school?

Blessed Trinity School develops social and emotional skills through positive guidance techniques set forth by the Parish Community. Blessed Trinity Catholic School provides all students the opportunity to flourish in a Catholic Christian environment through inspired academics, spiritual growth, and service to our community.

Who do I contact for additional assistance with the parent portal?

If you need further assistance with the Parent Portal, please email Tony D’Ambrosio, Technology Administrator at [email protected]

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