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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sports does IC Catholic Prep offer?

At IC Catholic Prep, hundreds of student-athletes participate on 24 teams in sports that include baseball, boys basketball, girls basketball boys soccer, girls soccer, cheerleading, football, softball, wrestling, swim, bass fishing, lacrosse, dance, hockey, bowling, golf, girls tennis, track and girls volleyball.

How do I contact the ICCP booster club?

[email protected] or 847.220.0022. The ICCP Booster Club works with the high school administration and the Athletic Director to provide financial assistance and volunteer services in support of ICCP athletic programs. IC Catholic Prep parents and guardians, alumni and family members may become members of the Booster Club.

What is the ICCP parents club?

The ICCP Parents Club has maintained a proud tradition of friendship and support by offering parents/guardians of ICCP students the opportunity to get acquainted through a number of social events and fundraisers that ultimately benefit ICCP and its students. IC Catholic Prep draws students from over 40 communities.

Why choose ICIC Catholic Prep?

IC Catholic Prep draws students from over 40 communities. The Parents Club provides ICCP Parents with a forum to meet, get acquainted, and become involved by sharing new ideas and talents.

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