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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to my PlusPortals?

You must complete and submit the questionnaire to gain access to your portal. Type your PlusPortals URL in your browser address bar. Important: Your PlusPortals URL is located at For example, the URL for "Rediker Academy" would be

When will the new PlusPortals release?

PlusPortals Release: July 6, 2018 PlusPortals Release: April 14, 2018 « Previous 1 2 Next » AdminPlus Guides Quick Start Data Base Contact DB Super DB Attendance Report Cards

What can ndndcl and NDEs do with PlusPortals?

NDCL and NDES will use PlusPortals' communication capabilities to send text, email, and voice messages through one integrated, cost-effective system. We'll roll out additional capabilities and benefits of PlusPortals in the coming weeks.

Why choose LVDS?

First and foremost, we have always sought to find and hire the finest educators possible and retain them. LVDS has a very low turnover of staff which inherently provides for better continuity of education for our children.

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