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Frequently Asked Questions

What is School of the nations?

School of the Nations was established in Macau in 1988 by local residents and with the support of the government. Our cherished aim since that time has been to provide a space in which students can flourish—intellectually, morally and spiritually—and contribute to the wellbeing of the wider community.

What can ndndcl and NDEs do with PlusPortals?

NDCL and NDES will use PlusPortals' communication capabilities to send text, email, and voice messages through one integrated, cost-effective system. We'll roll out additional capabilities and benefits of PlusPortals in the coming weeks.

Why choose Nations School of Sixth Form Studies?

Many students then proceed to Nations School of Sixth Form Studies for either one or two years to attain the entry requirements necessary for university entrance. The Middle and High School programmes integrate theory with real world experience helping our students to exceed their expectations.

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