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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the plus sign mean in a JOIN statement?

The plus sign is Oracle syntax for an outer join. There isn't a minus operator for joins. An outer join means return all rows from one table. Also return the rows from the outer joined where there's a match on the join key.

What is the use of the sign function in SQL Server?

SIGN (Transact-SQL) Returns the positive (+1), zero (0), or negative (-1) sign of the specified expression.

How to concatenate using SQL Plus (+) operator?

In this query, we use SQL Plus (+) operator and space between the single quote as a separator between these fields. In the output of SQL Server Concatenate using SQL Plus (+) operator, we have concatenate data from these fields (firstname, MiddleName and LastName) as a new column FullName.

How does SQL Server treat double quotes?

SQL Server treats double quotes as a character. In the following query, we used a double quote in a combination of a single quote. We can do SQL Server Concatenate operation using the SQL Plus (+) operator; however, it becomes complex if you need to use multiple single quotes.

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