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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as a plus-size swimsuit?

While shopping for swimwear can be tricky for anyone, finding a stylish and flattering plus-size swimsuit has its own set of challenges in an industry geared towards straight sizes. Thankfully, nowadays there are more size-inclusive swim brands than ever that celebrate plus-size bodies.

How much does a good swimsuit cost?

One general tip to live by: make sure and sit down when you’re trying swimsuits on. If it’s not comfortable to sit in, chances are you won’t love it for lounging on the beach. Swimsuit prices can vary from sub-$20 to well over $200 (and more). Stretchier suits tend to be more expensive, due to the material used and manufacturing processes.

Where can I find size-inclusive swimwear?

While you can always count on brands like CUUP and 11 Honoré for size-inclusive styles that are minimal and sleek, CFDA darling Chromat is a great place to start your search for statement-making swimwear that looks as good as it feels on your body. Continue ahead for a selection of swimsuits from a variety of brands.

What are the best two-piece swimwear brands?

Neutral and modern, the Current two-piece from Nomads Swimwear (view top and bottom at Nomads Swimwear) is a timeless pick that will look great for years to come. The size-inclusive brand offers up thoughtful designs that feel more like treasured wardrobe gems than anything else.

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